Effect of industrialisation on water around Ambarnath area

Author(s): Gangotri Nirbhavane
Email (s): gangotrienv@gmail.com
Institution or organization of origin: College of Commerce & Economics,Wadala,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Country: North Macedonia


Histopathological biomarkers can be indicators for the effects on organisms by various anthropogenic pollutants and represent reflection of the overall health of the entire population in the ecosystem. The alterations in cells and tissues in vertebrate fish are recurrently used biomarkers in many studies, but such changes occur in all vertebrates and invertebrates inhabiting the aquatic basins. Liver and gill pieces of 178 individuals of fish, collected from 5 localities of Lake Ohrid, were excised and processed for standard histopathological analysis. The obtained results revealed pathological changes in the liver and gill tissue. KEY WORDS: histopathology, liver, gill, Lake Ohrid.

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