Repository – 18th World Lake Conference

Governance, Resilience and Sustainability
of Lakes for a Better Society


Plenary Keynote Address

Main themes

Special Sessions

  1. Citizen Participation in Lake Basin Management, coordinated by Shiga Prefecture
  2. Water Solutionaries Create Waves from Great Lakes to Great Lakes
  3. UNEP-ILEC Special Session on Mainstreaming Lakes and Wetlands in the Global Water Agenda and SDGs
  4. Management Interventions and Long- term Collaboration Needs on the African Great Lakes
  5. Lake Briefs for Obtaining Information and Data for Integrated Management of Lakes and reservoirs and Their Ecosystem Services in Latin America
  6. Panel: Governance in Latin American Lakes (session in spanish)

Contribution from Younger Generations

  1. High School Session
  2. Drops of Hope
  3. Where Hope Lives
  4. The enviromental Activity of Meta River that Flows into Lake Biwa