Governance Technical Presentations

November 11th, 11-16:20 hrs (GMT-6)

Governance may include studies, analyses, and research on the theoretical and practical discussion of the applicable policies, management, and organizational structures that deal with water issues. And in particular, how governance of natural and artificial lakes is met thanks to:

  • Politics
  • Legislation
  • Financial Administration
  • Among others

The presentation of Jackson Akama Raini Ibaraki Kasumigaura Prize Awardee is scheduled at 12:00 hrs (GMT-6), in room “Governance”.

These presentations will feature 20 min sessions regarding different aspects and best practices related to Governance, including Question & Answer. 

Session Chairs:

  • Carlos Román Cordourier Real, University of Guanajuato
  • Xitlali Virginia delgado Galván, University of Guanajuato