Collaborative Efforts and Complementary Approaches for Ensuring the Future of our Lakes and Wetlands as Settings for Human Wellbeing and Health

By Dr. Colin Maxwell Finlayson
November 9th, 11 hrs (GMT-6)

This presentation encourages the development and use of alternative and complementary approaches for lakes and wetland conservation and sustainable use to accompany the efforts that have been in place for the last half century since the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was agreed. These include collaborative initiatives for raising the profile of the impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems, responding to the world scientists second warning to humanity, proposing a declaration towards the rights of wetlands and lakes, supporting integrated “lake” basin management, and addressing regime changes and novel ecosystems, and listing wetlands and lakes of distinction. These approaches have been supported by initiatives undertaken through the global Society of Wetland Scientists in collaboration with other organizations.

Session Chair: Yanmei Li, University of Guanajuato