UNEP-ILEC Special Session on Mainstreaming Lakes and Wetlands in the Global Water Agenda and SDGs

About the Session:

This Special Session will highlight UNEP and ILEC programs and activities regarding the state of the world’s lakes and wetlands, and the management challenges to their sustainable use, as well as highlighting their essential roles in achieving the SDGs. It also highlights the urgent need to recognize them as a significant missing link in the Global Water Agenda. The Session will introduce a brochure and a revised version of the “Call to Action Statement” on this topic. Other Session components include a global overview of the state of the world’s wetlands, and global eutrophication trends and health impacts. Relevant perspectives on mainstreaming lakes needs will be provided by Latin American, Asia and African representatives, and highlights from a range of clips from government and international organizations participating in a previous global webinar on this topic will be presented.In addition to messages previously received from WHO, FAO and other UN/UN-related international agencies such as the World Bank, Global Environment Facility (GEF) and various international scientific organizations and NGOs, including the International Society of Limnology (SIL) and Global Nature Fund (GNF), will also provide their perspectives and support for this initiative. The Session will be closed by recognizing the importance of continued efforts to realize productive deliberations at forthcoming global meetings, including the 5th United Nations Assembly (UNEA5) planned for February 2022 and the 9th World Water Forum planned for March 2022.