Water Solutionaries Create Waves from Great Lakes to Great Lakes

About the Session:

This special session will highlight the role of hope and action in international youth collaboration on water and climate issues. Teenagers from Water Solutionaries (WS) will show and discuss Where Hope Lives, a 10-minute new film by Ben Keller about their peer-to-peer experiences working on water and climate change issues on Lake Victoria (East Africa) and Lake Michigan (US), from the African Great Lakes to the North American Great Lakes. The film highlights how youth from Uganda and the United States collaborate to stay hopeful while working on issues related to climate change including flooding, drought, and pollution. In this session, the teens, filmmaker and adult guides will talk about Water Solutionaries, show the film, and hold a discussion panel about lessons the group is learning and what it takes for youth to remain inspired to take action to solve critical water issues. This session will emphasize the intersection between climate and water issues, and how adults can support teens working across these sectors.