Effects of the Water Physico-Chemical Conditions to the Water Mercury Levels of Palawan Quick Silver Mines, Inc. Pit Lake and Tagburos River in Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City During the Dry Season Using Multivariate Analysis

Author(s): Royette Posadas Email (s): royette.posadas@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ecosystems Research and Development BureauCountry: Philippines Abstract The study aimed to determine the factors that affects the mercury levels and determine the similarities of the pit lake and Tagburos River (in terms of water quality) during the dry season in Sta. … Read more

Landmark-Based Geometric Analysis In Describing The Body Shape Variation In Three Female Population Of Sardinella tawilis (Clupeiforms: Clupeidae: Clupeinae) from Taal Lake, Philippines

Author(s): Osmerando Jr. Alcantara Email (s): rhan.alcantara1993@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: Tanauan City Integrated High School Country: Philippines Abstract The study utilized landmark-based geometric morphometrics to identify the body shape variation of Sardinella tawilis populations within three spawning sites namely, Agoncillio, Balete, and Cuenca in which thirty samples were each collected from the respective areas. The samples … Read more

Estimación de concentraciones de clorofila-a del fitoplancton del Lago Menor del Titicaca, poco profundo, de gran altitud tropical, con técnicas de teledetección utilizando el satélite Sentinel 2 y validación con mediciones in situ.

Author(s): Javier Alberto Maldonado Alfaro Email (s): javier.maldonado.alfaro@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: UMSA – IIGEO Country: Bolivia Abstract El monitoreo de las aguas continentales se basa en campañas rutinarias de mediciones in situ de concentraciones de clorofila-a (chl-a) con una cobertura temporal y espacial limitada y costos económicos elevados. El sensoramiento remoto satelital puede utilizarse para mejorar … Read more

Desarrollo de un bioindicador a partir de Scenedesmus acuminatus.

Author(s): Luz Adriana Vizcaíno Rodríguez Email (s): adriana.vizcaino@upzmg.edu.mx Institution or organization of origin: Universidad Politécnica de la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara Country: Mexico Abstract Las altas concentraciones de sales minerales son características de cuerpos de agua eutrofizados, en condiciones ambientales promueven la producción de blooms de cianobacterias, con efectos tóxicos, aromas y paisajes desagradables. El empleo de algas … Read more

Prospects of World Lake Vision on Nathsagar Reservoir of Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad (MS), India.

Author(s): Aman Ghutke Email (s): asutra.bliss@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (MS), India Country: India Abstract Jayakwadi dam on River Godavari in Paithan taluka, Aurangabad district was constructed in 1976. It has an earthen wall of 10.2 kilometers. Due to this dam, a large water body created with submergence of 35,000 hectares … Read more

Status of Biodiversity and Hydrological Studies in Candaba, Pampanga

Author(s): Zandra Salut Email (s): zandra.salut.gs@ust.edu.ph Institution or organization of origin: University of Santo Tomas, College of Science, Research Center For The Natural and Applied Sciences, and Graduate School, UST Country: Philippines Abstract Candaba is home to a variety of fauna from important native migratory birds to invasive fish species. It is a promising research area with massive … Read more

Enhancing Natural Organic Matter Removal by Simultaneous Injection of Powder Activated Carbon and Coagulant in Conventional Water Treatment

Author(s): Molika Lim Email (s): molikalim3@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) Country: Cambodia Abstract Natural organic matter (NOM) residual after coagulation-floculation process is a criticial challenge for coventional water treatment due to the reaction of NOM residual with disinfectant such as chlorine will form the disfection by product, for example, trihalomethanes in … Read more

Water Quality Assessment of Laguna de Bay Through Geostatistical Analysis of Physicochemical Parameters

Author(s):  Diego Bernal Email (s): drbernal@cbzrc.pshs.edu.ph Institution or organization of origin: Philippine Science High School CALABARZON Country: Philippines Abstract The waters of Laguna Lake, found in the southwest of Luzon Island, Philippines, support the local aquaculture industry, serve as a waste sink for household and industrial wastes, and more. The pollution caused by the incorrect disposal of human … Read more

Metagenomic analysis reveals the interaction between cyanobacteria and their phages in a freshwater lake

Author(s):  Shang Shen Email (s): shshn48@gmail.com Institution or organization of origin: Kyoto University Country: Japan Abstract Cyanobacteria is a crucial driver of carbon cycling or may cause a harmful bloom. Although cyanophages are an essential factor in controlling the abundance of cyanobacteria, diversity and seasonal variation of cyanophages are still known, mainly because viral genomes lack a universal … Read more

Variability of planktonic chlorophyll a and phycocyanin in a complex hydroecological system of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Author(s): Sovannara Uk Email (s): uk.s.ab@m.titech.ac.jp Institution or organization of origin: Tokyo Institute of Technology Country: Japan Abstract The flood pulse is responsible for driving the ecosystem dynamics and productivity of a lake. Thus, we hypothesized that sediment and phosphorus (P) dynamics caused by the inter-annual hydrological phases are major factors for determining the distribution of phytoplankton and … Read more