Economic valuation of ecosystem services of three reservoirs and their importance for lake governance in Malaysia

Author(s): Zati Sharip Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) Country: Malaysia Abstract Economic valuation of ecosystem services has been identified as important research in the National Blueprint for Lakes and Reservoir Development in Malaysia in 2015. As such, the economic valuation of ecosystem services was carried out in three reservoirs … Read more

Villager’s Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Ecosystem Management of Lagoon: A locality study in Thondamanaru Lagoon in Sri Lanka

Author(s): Sooriyakumar Krishnapillai Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: University of Jaffna Country: Sri Lanka Abstract Thondamanaru Lagoon is a brackish water lagoon in the northern province of Sri Lanka, with an area of approximately 7800 hectares and supports a range of natural services. The economy of the village community along this lagoon is heavily depend on … Read more

Ecosystem services trade-offs in complex lake ecosystems of the tropics: impacts of tilapia cage culture in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

Author(s): Ivana Yuniarti Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: The University of Edinburgh Country: United Kingdom Abstract: Information on ecosystem services (ES) trade-offs is crucial in building knowledge-based decision making in the management of lakes. This research aims to provide such information by applying modelling tools to evaluate the trade-off between tilapia cage culture farm in Lake … Read more

Looking in the mirror… how societies value their lakes

The presentation focuses on the intricate relationship’s societies develop with lakes, including the problems and challenges that emerge. Societies learn to value lakes not in a smooth way. Feedbacks are critical in this learning process. Societies that completely disregard lakes may face surprises. It typically takes quite some time for a society to transforms into … Read more