SATREPS-EARTH Project: Transforming Water Hyacinth to Energy and Agricultural Crops in Ethiopi

By Shinjiro Sato
November 11th, 10 hrs (GMT-6)

About the thematic keynote speaker:

Shinjiro Sato, a soil scientist and biochar specialist, is currently a professor in Faculty of Science and Engineering at Soka University in Japan. After obtaining a doctoral degree in Soil Science at University of Florida in 2003, he has been eagerly working on establishment of proper production and beneficial application of biochars derived from various organic waste materials for soil amendment and agricultural purposes.

 He has conducted international collaborative research projects with University of Guanajuato during 2013-2015 for evaluation of fertilizer effects of liquid fraction and soil conditioner effects of biochar derived from solid fraction of anaerobic digestion effluents from cheese factory dairy wastewater in Guanajuato. Based on his biochar specialty, Shinjiro serves as the primary investigator for SATREPS project funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), titled as “Eco-engineering for Agricultural Revitalization Towards Improvement of Human Nutrition (EARTH): Water Hyacinth to Energy and Agricultural Crops” in Ethiopia. The project officially starts from 2011 for 5 years.

Session Chair: Oscar Miguel Cornejo, University of Guanajuato