Quantum consciousness: a sustainable solution on environmental pollution

Author(s): Aman Ghutke
Email (s): asutra.bliss@gmail.com
Institution or organization of origin: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (MS), India
Country: India


Since genesis the symbiosis of humans, science and environment has shaped the planet earth in multiple ways, pertaining to futuristic evolution. The contemporary researches prove that anthropogenic factors own major role in manipulation of science and environment; although initially in their favour, but being a serious question for sustainable development. Fundamentalist mentality, scientific negligence and lack of alert conscience leads to further worry towards nurturing mother earth. Human consciousness possess quantum units and their reaction with elementary particles (both atomic and molecular) reciprocates into an alert mind bearing love, compassion, joy and equanimity thereby igniting the wisdom. The contemplations of behavioural language of scientific ethics could be used in comprehending the effect of quantum consciousness towards our environment. Although the change is necessary, but not at a cost when it is imperative. Therefore it proves how the quantum consciousness is responsible for and can resolve the threat of environmental pollution in several ways. It is very crucial to imbibe wisdom to our quantum consciousness which would further feed to industrial and technical revolutions, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, etc. which are at their peak advancements. Moreover out of all the pollutions, mental pollution is the epitome of anthropogenic sources responsible for the issue of present and future, therefore being necessary to cure it at priority. Being an intellectual entity, enlightenment is a prerogative to human beings. It is therefore our primary responsibility to conserve our environment through physical, psychological, social, spiritual, ethical and behavioural disciplines.

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