Impact of Climate Change in Lakes – Water body, Ecosystem –

Author(s): Takashi Fujio
Email (s):
Institution or organization of origin: Ministry of The Environment, JAPAN
Country: Japan


There are concerns about changes in the water environment of lakes and reservoirs due to rising temperatures and increased frequency of heavy rainfall caused by climate change. We conducted a forecast of water quality changes and impact assessment using future climatic conditions. For the prediction and assessment, we constructed a water quality prediction model and used a climate model data set for the end of the 21st century based on the discharge scenarios (RCP2.6 and 8.5) of the IPCC Fifth Report. The results showed the possibility of impacts on fish species inhabiting the lake due to the increase in the maximum water temperature, anoxia in the bottom water due to the insufficiency of the total circulation, and an increase in the frequency of occurrence of phytoplankton blooms.

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