Sustainable Water Resource In Lake Rawa Pening Indonesia

Author(s): Supriyanto Supriyanto
Email (s):
Institution or organization of origin: Directorate of Inland Water Degradation Control, Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestr
Country: Indonesia


Anthropogenic activities in Lake Rawa Pening in Indonesia have prompted the pressure of lentic ecosystem to provide ecological services to human being. This leads to decreasing water quality because of eutrophication, sedimentation and algae bloom. The objective of this study is to propose the action plans that should be taken to conserve Lake Rawa Pening as an integral ecosystem so as to achieve sustainable water resource in Indonesia. The methodology of this study is literature reviews from different sources such as govermental reports and journals. To overcome the problems in Lake Rawa Pening government should initiate the programs as follows: 1) adding forest vegetation in water catchment area to reduce the rate of erosion because of infiltering the rain water into soil; 2) reducing non-point source pollution by installing water purification park to improve the level of water quality before flowing into lake; 3) controlling Water Hyacinth in surface water to enlarge the capacity of lake; 4) implementing organic fertilizer subsidy for farmer to reduce the water pollution; and 5) promoting human resource development program such as training and research. The further research could discuss the impact of the proposed programs toward the state of water quality in Lake Rawa Pening.

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