Conservation and Restoration of Lake Biwa, and the Mother Lake Goals (the Lake Biwa version of SDGs)

Author(s): OsvaldTakayuki Mochizuki Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Shiga Prefectural Government Country: Japan Abstract I would like to explain about environmental measures of the past and present of the Lake Biwa, Japan. I would like to start off from the citizen’s movement which was remembered as Soap Movement in the late 70s. The housewives announced … Read more

La práctica de la gestión de los recursos hídricos en la Cuenca del Lago de Pátzcuaro

Author(s): Osvaldo Corona Soria Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Comisión de Ceunca del Lago de PÁTZCUARO Country: Mexico Abstract La gestión integral de los recursos hídricos es indispensable para lograr la sustentabilidad y desarrollo de cuencas. En la cuenca del Lago de Pátzcuaro, la deforestación debido a tala clandestina y cambio de uso de suelo, … Read more

Improved the sediment environment in the lake basin by conservation of the understory of the forest

Author(s): Toshiaki Mizuno Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute,Shiga Country: Japan Abstract The area of ​​Lake Biwa is about 670km2, and the area of ​​the catchment area is about 3170km2. There are coniferous and hardwood forests throughout the catchment area. The total forest area of ​​Shiga Prefecture, including almost … Read more

Synergistic effects of warming and eutrophication alert predator-prey interactions along the benthic–pelagic interface

Author(s): Jun Xu Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Country: China Abstract Contemporary evidence suggests that climate change and other co-occurring large- scale environmental changes, such as eutrophication, will have a considerable impact on freshwater communities. However, the interactions of these environmental changes on trophic interactions among … Read more

Reconstruction of past metal pollution and sources from the sediments of Bukit Merah Reservoir (BMR), Perak, Malaysia

Author(s): Simeon Akogwu Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Universiti Sains Malaysia Country: Malaysia Abstract Human pressure especially agricultural activities, tourism and other land use forms have significantly intensified in the catchment area of Bukit Merah Lake since the 1980s. This intensification has resulted in severe pollution and sedimentation levels. However, there is little … Read more

Resultados preliminares de la ficha informativa del Lago de Catemaco

Author(s): Jacobo Santander Monsalvo Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Instituto Tecnológico de Boca del Río Country: Mexico Abstract Con base en investigación documental se presenta información de la Cuenca y Lago de Catemaco, México. La cuenca del Lago de Catemaco tiene ~251.82 km2, un volcán (de San Martín) de ~1 764 m s.n.m. … Read more

Effect of Water Quality on the Volume of Freshwater Fish Production in Laguna

Author(s): Kathleen Joyce Austria Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Philippine Science High School- CALABARZON Region Campus Country: Philippines Abstract Laguna de Bay, the largest freshwater lake in the Philippines, accounts for about 17% and 44% of the national and municipal fisheries production. Several fish kill events have occurred in recent years, which according to … Read more

The aggregation behavior of commercial graphene oxide in natural surface water: Aggregation mechanism and microbial diversity

Author(s): Yang Gao Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Changsha University of Science & Technology Country: China Abstract In this study, we comprehensively and critically discuss the aggregation mechanism of the commercial graphene oxide (CGO) in surface aquatic environments. The aggregation kinetics and critical coagulation concentration of CGO was obtained through time-resolved dynamic light scattering … Read more

Assessment of the Biomechanical Filtration Ability of Asiatic Clams (Corbicula fluminea) from the South Bay of Laguna Lake, Philippines

Author(s): Charina Gracia Banaay Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: University of The Philippines Los Baños Country: Philippines Abstract Corbicula fluminea or Asiatic clams are natives of the freshwater environment in the Philippines, but studies about this organism in the country are limited. Research shows that Asiatic clams are great filter-feeders that can improve water … Read more

Microalgas del fitoplancton y perifiton como bioindicadores de la eutrofización en el Lago Menor del Titicaca, con perspectiva al WFD EU (European Water Framework Directive)

Author(s): William Gustavo Lanza Aguilar Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Proyecto Piloto PNUD/GEF 05-B-05 “Observatorio Binacional del Lago Titicaca”, IE/UMSA-IRD Country: Bolivia Abstract Las microalgas del fitoplancton y el perifiton son potenciales bioindicadores de la calidad del agua, considerados dentro del European Water Framework Directive (WFD EU). En Bolivia y gran parte de los … Read more