Citizen science on water quality monitoring in Laguna de Bay: Towards a sustainable transformative strategic plan in environmental monitoring

Author(s): Mary Grace Maribao
Email (s):
Institution or organization of origin: University of Perpetual Help System DALTA
Country: Philippines


This study focused on exploring and understanding the social drivers of environment-based initiatives of citizen scientists in the Philippine setting, particularly at Laguna de Bay. The study employed the qualitative phenomenological research design anchored on the worldview philosophical assumptions of the advocacy/ participatory approach in generating themes: bounded involvement, social responsibility, envisioning ecological integrity, knowledge and interest disparities, social inequality, financial impediment and unequal apportions, finding niche and sustenance, optimizing participatory actions, and individual empowerment. With the end given proposing a sustainable, transformative strategic plan for environmental monitoring, this study aims to bridge gaps and eliminate barriers in water quality monitoring by involving motivated citizens with concern towards the lake water and becoming engaged in plans or programs that benefit from their efforts. Given the implications, citizen scientists must be empowered to achieve sensible public goals and promote further ecological integrity that could be handed down through generations.

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