Leadership for Economic Growth and Sustainable Lake Management

Author(s): Audy Joinaldy
Email (s): inge_retnowati@yahoo.com
Institution or organization of origin: Government of West Sumatera Province, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia


Leadership for Economic Growth and Sustainable Lake Management Audy Joinaldy Vice Governor of West Sumatera Province, Indonesia West Sumatera Province is a Province in Indonesia that has 5 lakes: Lake Maninjau, Singkarak, Diatas, Dibawah and Talang. Facing the condition of the lakes, it is been governance challenges to address degradation of the lake and economy of local community. Lake Maninjau has been damaged and needs to be restored. One challenge of Lake Maninjau Management is intensively increasing number of floating net cages which impacts to water quality. This condition then impacts to water pollution, water hyacinth, and sedimentation. There are 9 agendas agreed to save Lake Maninjau: establishing zoning regulation, catchment rehabilitation, lakeshore improvement, lake water remediation, conservation of lake biodiversity, livelihood transformation from aquaculture to in-land fishery, monitoring and evaluation, institutional development and capacity building, and community engagement. Removing in-active floating-net-cages is the main program to restore the water quality. This program is combined with development of many pilot of economic transformation and economic productivity through collaboration among stakeholders for instance: integrated agroforestry, production house of agriculture/agroforestry for post-harvest processing. Social approach has also been concerned in the community empowerment, such as involving traditional leader for championing the transformation, organizing community institution, and community accompanying in starting-up the economic transformation. Leadership of the Local Government has a vital role for conveying and running all of the effort.

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