Revisting the Lake Basin “Heartware” Concept

Author(s): Sergio Antonio Silva Muñoz
Email (s):
Institution or organization of origin: University of Guanajuato
Country: Mexico


In pursuit of achieving an improved Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM), a major focus of the last thirteen years has been placed on the enhancement of Lake Basin “Heartware” as an alternative concept to incorporate Lake Basin stakeholders’ intangible values, wisdom, interests, concerns and positions in LBM Plans. The Lake Basin Heartware concept was first proposed in the year 2008 -during the First Latin-American Workshop on Integrated Lake Basin Management, to be used as an emerging tool to enhance a sustainable management of lakes and their basins. Since then, it has evolved by receiving input from stakeholders around the world, becoming a core theme of different academic and non academic forums including the Workshop for the Planning of the Integrated Management of the Lerma Basin, Mexico (2009), and part of four different World Lake Conference Declarations – Austin Declaration 2011, Perugia Declaration 2014, Bali Declaration 2016 and the Ibaraki Kasumigaura Declaration 2018. This paper, based on a desk study of scientific and technical papers and reports published in the Southeast Asia region, presents how Lake Basin Heartware concept has been evolving through a collaborative social learning process and how it has become essential for a continuos and holistic improvement of Lake Basin Governance.

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