Research and development of integrated lake basin management plan (ILBMP) for Timah Tasoh Reservoir and Melati Lake, Perlis

Author(s): Mohd Fadhil Kasim
Email (s):
Institution or organization of origin: National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Country: Malaysia


This study discusses the development of ILBMP for Timah Tasoh Reservoir and Melati Lake, Perlis, Malaysia. Both Timah Tasoh Reservoir and Melati Lake are located at Perlis River basin covering a total catchment area of 191 km2 and 16.24 km2, respectively. The Timah Tasoh Lake can hold 40 million cubic meters of water, mainly used as a water storage reservoir for irrigation and water supply for the State, besides functions as a water catchment to prevent floods. Melati Lake is mainly use for recreational activities.

This study was sought to understand and find solutions for the current state of the quality and environmental performance related to the lake management plan. In this study, the existing governance structure and system and its policy direction affecting the lake basin of Timah Tasoh Lake and Melati Lake were reviewed. The study also discusses the need to integrate Perlis River basin management as an approach to the management of the entire Perlis river basin, to ensure the management of Timah Tasoh Reservoir and Melati Lake for sustainable use in lake ecosystems and catchment areas.

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