The Lake Toba Degradation in Indonesia: How Water Grabbing Aggravates The Pressures on a Common-pool Resource

Author(s): Betty Betharia Sonata Naibaho Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: National Taiwan Normal University Country: Taiwan Abstract The Lake Toba degradation has made it experience quite eventful prolonged years. Started with the lake rescue initiative from Indonesia’s ministry of environment and forestry in 2014; the water restoration suggestion from the World Bank; the lawsuit from … Read more

Use of Research Findings in Promoting Lake Basin Management: A case of Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Author(s): Jackson Raini Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Flamingonet Country: Kenya Abstract Lake Nakuru is located at 360 05’ E, 000 24’ S; and lies within Nakuru City, Kenya. As part of routine water quality monitoring, the physico-chemical parameters were measured in-situ using the YSI Professional Plus handheld multi-parameter meter. Laboratory analysis for ions, anions … Read more

Sewerage financial system for Lake Biwa environmental conservation

Author(s): Naoko Hirayama Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: The University of Shiga Prefecture Country: Japan Abstract The sewerage systems can play a very important role in reducing pollution loads from households and other point sources of pollution for lake environmental conservation. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLITT) categorizes the sewerage system broadly … Read more

Governance challenges and Government’s policy and action on sustainable lake management

Author(s): Inge Retnowati Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: Ministry of Environment and Forestry of The Republic of Indonesia Country: Indonesia Abstract Estimated more than 840 (eight hundred and forty) major lakes and 735 (seven hundred and thirty five) small lakes spread inland Indonesia, accommodate 500 km3 (five hundred cubic kilometers) of water or 72% (seventy … Read more

Role Sharing among Stakeholders in Collaboration Activities for Lake Basin Conservation

Author(s): Naoko Hirayama Email (s): Institution or organization of origin: The University of Shiga Prefecture Country: Japan Abstract: Collaborative activities among various actors, including governments, NPOs, private companies, and citizens are essential for lake basin conservation. Aiming to clarify the factors affecting the forms of collaboration, the authors investigated 195 lakes of all the prefectural governments in Japan … Read more

Studies, Research and Management of West African Lakes, and Updates on WWF9

Discussions on lake systems, IWRM, ILBM, IILBM and wetland ecosystems all consider the multiple crises observed in the West Africa sub-region during past decades, including:  Climate change, extreme events and disaster reduction (floods & droughts);  Population growth;  City expansions and unsustainable provision of drinking water and sanitation infrastructures; Ecosystem degradation and low population incomes, and  … Read more