Learning guide Ingeniería Ambiental del Agua y Suelos

Foundation of the course Environmental pollution is the consequence of terrestrial functions (biogenic origin) and human activities (anthropogenic origin), which have had negative impacts that destabilize the physical, biological and chemical integrity of ecosystems and the elements that interact in them. With the passage of time and hand in hand with human development, the variety … Leer más

Digital class 2. Basics – Part 2

Introduction Welcome back to our course! I hope you continue with an interest in learning and discovering new concepts related to the environmental engineering of water and soils. In this session, we will review the classification of soil and water pollutants, their transport mechanisms, and the final destination. The physical and chemical characteristics of these … Leer más

Digital class 1. Basics – Part 1

Introduction Hello! We warmly welcome you to the digitized course on Soil and Water Environmental Engineering. We have integrated the content and resources so that you discover the concepts and develop the necessary skills to address issues associated with this Learning Unit and you can understand and interpret environmental problems related to soil and water, … Leer más