Digital class 8. Biological methods for the remediation of contaminants in water and soils

Introduction Welcome to this last session of the Soil and Water Environmental Engineering course, I am very pleased to meet you in this session, in which we will close with the content of the course reviewing biological strategies for the removal of contaminants in water and soil. These biotechnologies have advantages over physical and chemical … Leer más

Digital class 7. Technologies for water remediation

Introduction It is a pleasure to have you again in this session of the Soil and Water Environmental Engineering course.  Thanks for continuing! This speaks to your great commitment and interest. In this session, we will move on to the study of technologies for water treatment where we will analyze the fundamentals and applications of … Leer más

Clase digital 6. Physicochemical methods for the remediation of contaminants in water and soils

Introduction We are glad to see you again in the course! In this session, we will review concepts associated with environmental decontamination techniques where their particularities, advantages, and disadvantages will be analyzed. We are sure that this session will be useful and will present in an illustrated way the fundamentals of these environmental technologies. So … Leer más

Digital class 5. Conditions and restrictions of the technologies for the environmental remediation of water and soils

Introduction Welcome to this session of practical cases where we will analyze the implementation of technologies for the decontamination of environmentally impacted sites. For this class, we have selected some materials (scientific articles and web pages of interest related to the subject) so that you can introduce yourself in case studies under controlled laboratory conditions … Leer más

Digital class 4. Treatments and technologies for the remediation of environmental pollution

Introduction Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you again. Throughout these sessions, we have learned basic concepts related to environmental systems, the environment, and the impacts generated by the presence of pollutants. The classification of pollutants and how they can be mobilized in soil or water, and the types of degradation that occur, have … Leer más

Digital class 3.  Legal and regulatory framework – Part 1

Introduction Welcome back to the course! I’m very glad to have you back. In this session, we will analyze a very important component for designing and proposing alternatives to address environmental pollution. In this session, we will learn about the applicable regulatory framework for the study of contaminated soil and water. The main objective of … Leer más

Learning guide Ingeniería Ambiental del Agua y Suelos

Foundation of the course Environmental pollution is the consequence of terrestrial functions (biogenic origin) and human activities (anthropogenic origin), which have had negative impacts that destabilize the physical, biological and chemical integrity of ecosystems and the elements that interact in them. With the passage of time and hand in hand with human development, the variety … Leer más

Digital class 2. Basics – Part 2

Introduction Welcome back to our course! I hope you continue with an interest in learning and discovering new concepts related to the environmental engineering of water and soils. In this session, we will review the classification of soil and water pollutants, their transport mechanisms, and the final destination. The physical and chemical characteristics of these … Leer más

Digital class 1. Basics – Part 1

Introduction Hello! We warmly welcome you to the digitized course on Soil and Water Environmental Engineering. We have integrated the content and resources so that you discover the concepts and develop the necessary skills to address issues associated with this Learning Unit and you can understand and interpret environmental problems related to soil and water, … Leer más