Beginner Reading Activities


City and Country Mice
The Deer and the Hunter
The Donkey and the Dog
The Dying Lion
The Man and the Snake
The Crow and the Peacock
The Fisher
Cat and Fox
The Fox and the Crow
The Fox and Stork
The Frog and the Bull
The Frogs Want a King
Golden Eggs
The Kid and the Big Wolf
The Man and the Fly
The Rabbits and the Frogs
The Dog and the Shadow
The Tiger
The Hunter and the Snake
The Grapes
The Mask
The Lion
The Slave
The Crabs
Two Wives
The Woods
Wolf and Dog
The Wolf and the Sheep
The Sheep
The Noisy Mountains


Brain Teaser


My daily routine
Travel Guide


Downton Abbey
The Accidental Time Travel
My house
My childhood memories
A day trip to Europe
Life in the city
Giving directions in a big city
The fault in our stars