Clase digital 8. Phone conversations

Presentación del tema Hi once more, I hope you are having a great day! Welcome to the final English VI lesson. In today’s class, we will develop the fascinating world of reported speech and explore the proper usage of the verbs «say» and «tell». These are essential skills for effective communication in English. Remember, improving … Leer más

Clase digital 7. Innovation and Technology

Presentación del tema Hello once more! I hope you are all doing well today. Welcome to our English VI class. Today, we have an exciting lesson planned for you, focusing on some advanced topics that will greatly enhance your English proficiency. We will be delving into the Future Perfect Simple and Future Perfect Progressive tenses, … Leer más

Clase digital 6. Crime and punishments

Presentación del tema Good day, class! Today, we have an exciting lesson planned on a crucial aspect of English grammar: the use of «get» and «have» as causative verbs, along with the structure «have + the past participle» and «get + the past participle». But that is not all! We will be diving into a … Leer más

Clase digital 5. Debate

Presentación del tema Hello again and welcome to today’s English VI lesson. Today, we will develop a crucial aspect of effective communication: formal expressions for conducting a debate. Being able to express oneself eloquently and respectfully is a valuable skill, especially when discussing various viewpoints. We’ll cover a range of expressions to help you navigate … Leer más

Clase digital 4. Literature

Presentación del tema Welcome to today’s English VI class about literature! I am thrilled to have you all here.Today, we will be delving into two fascinating topics: Subordinate Clauses and Literature Genres. These are crucial elements that will not only enhance your understanding of the English language but also open a world of literary possibilities.In … Leer más

Clase digital 3. Business, finance, and world problems

Presentación del tema Hi again! I hope you are all doing well today. Welcome to a new English VI class.  In today’s lesson, we will be working on an important aspect of English grammar: the passive voice in different tenses. This structure is crucial in conveying information effectively, especially in business and environmental contexts. Before … Leer más

Clase digital 2. Wrong decisions

Presentación del tema Hello! Welcome back to our English VI class. I hope you’re all doing well. Today, we have an exciting lesson ahead of us where we’ll be diving into some important topics. We will be focusing on two crucial aspects: the third conditional and expressions related to wishes and regrets. For the third … Leer más

Clase digital 1. Health and sickness

Presentación del tema Welcome to our first digital class for English VI.You have come a long way from your start in the first semester with English I, up to this point. Congratulations on your achievement, now you are closer to the level B1 (intermediate) for the use of English as a second language. A few … Leer más

Guía didáctica Inglés VI

Fundamentación La Unidad de Aprendizaje (UDA) Inglés VI representa un componente esencial dentro del núcleo formativo de comunicación dentro de la línea de inglés, se imparte en el sexto semestre del Bachillerato general. Su inclusión responde a la misión del programa institucional de inglés, que busca habilitar a las y los estudiantes para alcanzar el … Leer más

Clase digital 3. Educación para la paz

Introducción Educación para la paz Educar para la paz es propiciar el desarrollo de habilidades y la adquisición de herramientas que permitan a las personas y a los pueblos convivir de forma pacífica, o lo que es lo mismo, vivir sin violencia. Este proceso lleva implícito la asimilación de valores como la justicia social, la … Leer más