Clase digital 8. Entrevista de trabajo

Introducción Hello admirable student! It gives me great pleasure to greet you on this occasion, that without detracting from the previous ones, you have already advanced a lot in this formative process and that is reason enough to ask you to continue with that same impetus to learn more, that is why I offer you … Leer más

Clase digital 6. Marcas comerciales

Introducción Hello! It is a pleasure to hear from you, I hope you continue to enjoy excellent health and have good spirits to learn new things from this course, that is why I welcome you to our sixth class.  How are you feeling after all the topics we have covered so far? We have been … Leer más

Clase digital 7. Viajar por cuestiones de trabajo y/o turismo

Introducción Hi again! Nice to be around one more time!!! It is a pride that you continue as a student of this course. I hope you continue to persevere until the end, for now I invite you to review this seventh session. In this lesson we are going to talk about travel, review some useful … Leer más

Clase digital 5. Vida en otros planetas

Introducción Hello!  It is a pleasure to have you in this class number five, I hope it is to your liking. Next, we will work on the following topics: Passive voice. Complex Conjunctions. Vocabulary about Life in the Universe. Let’s start with the first topic: Do you know how to use the passive voice? To … Leer más

Clase digital 4. Desastres naturales

Introducción Hello! In good time, I know the road has been long, but it’s very rewarding to have you back! Do you know what are gerunds and infinitives? In this class we are going to talk about verbs in infinitive and verbs with -ing. For a Little introduction to topic check the following video: So… … Leer más

Clase digital 3. Problemáticas de la comunidad

Introducción Hi again! What a pleasure to hear from you in this new class, I hope you continue to find this English V course fascinating. This time we will focus in the following topics: Modal verbs Expression to give advice Vocabulary on problems in the neighborhood. Let’s start with Modal verbs. They add meaning to … Leer más

Clase digital 2. Problemáticas personales

Introducción Hi! It is a pleasure to meet again, I hope you are learning a lot, above all, that your mood does not decline and you continue to know more about the topics that are presented to you. Therefore I invite you to continue in the second class of the course.  Do you remember conditionals? … Leer más

Clase digital 1. Repaso de los tiempos gramaticales

Introducción Hi dear estudent! It is a privilege to welcome you to your first class of the English V course. I hope you stay in high spirits and enjoy this course prepared for you. “Al concluir este curso se espera que seas capaz de mantener una interacción y de hacerse entender en una variedad de … Leer más

Guía didáctica de Inglés V – 0568

Fundamentación La importancia del Inglés reside en que es una herramienta para acceder a un sin número de fuentes de información y consulta, que le será de gran utilidad al estudiante para las demás materias, y en específico para facilitar el adecuado uso de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación. Se caracteriza como disciplinaria porque … Leer más

Clase digital 8. Tradiciones culturales y eventos importantes

Introducción Congratulations on your consistency and performance shown in the course! Welcome to our last class!!! Para esta clase 8 vamos a cubrir los siguientes temas: Tradiciones culturales y eventos importantes. Repaso de Preguntas WH con pasado: What, which, when, where, who, why, how. Could y Was/were able to. Pasado de posibilidad Preposiciones de tiempo … Leer más